Do you handle up or down?

“There could also be stated to be two courses of individuals on this planet; those that always divide the individuals of the world into two courses, and people who don’t.”

Although the above notion has been attributed to many individuals over time, together with Groucho Marx, a number of citations counsel it was Robert Benchley, the American humorist, who first

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A CEO information to right now’s worth creation ecosystem

Within the blink of a watch, COVID-19 disrupted the enterprise setting and illuminated a profound, typically missed fact: that to create, defend, and maintain enterprise worth, executives should take into account a set of stakeholders a lot wider and extra numerous than simply shareholders.

Disruption and the breadth of the worth creation ecosystem are, in actual fact, linked. In current

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Detective story

Every workplace has its strains. But managing in a truly high-stress environment presents unique challenges. If you’re looking for guidance from beyond the world of business, look no further than David Simon’s remarkable book, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.

Before he became famous for his work in television, Simon was a reporter at the Baltimore Sun who

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