May 30, 2023

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When Does Hockey Season Start?

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Two ice hockey player are ready to start the game.

If you live and breathe hockey then no doubt, you’ll be eagerly awaiting the start of the new hockey season – and even if you’ve just become interested in this major league sport, you’ll be busy wondering; “When does hockey season start?”  You won’t be alone either!  According to USA Hockey, 31% of Americans follow this sport avidly (  It’s not just an American fan-based sport either, around the world there are 2 billion worldwide fans of ice hockey!

So When Does Hockey Season Start?

Two ice hockey player are ready to start the game.

So, if you’re desperate to find out when The National Hockey League starts in the USA, for the 2021/2022 season, this current season started on October 12th and covers 2021/2022.  Usually, the season starts around the same time every year.

Early Season Highlights

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Pittsburgh Penguins in the ice hockey game

The start date for the season began with a doubleheader, including the Tampa Bay Lightning team raising the flag depicting their third win of the Stanley Cup championship.  It was their turn to face the Pittsburgh Penguins and the game kicked off at 7.30pm (ET) at the Amalie Arena.

Next, there was the first regular season game (and the first ever in this case!), for the National Hockey League’s (the NHL for short) Seattle Kraken.  The team was pitched against the Vegas Golden Knights.  That game took place at 10.00pm (ET).

When Does Hockey Season Start 2022/2023?

So it was an exciting start – and if you’re wondering when does hockey season start for 2022/2023 then the date is set at a similar time.  Keep an eye on the NHL Schedule Release date, it usually happens three weeks into June (and normally it’s on a Tuesday or Thursday).  You’ll be able to buy your tickets for the next season through and to mark the website where you’ll see the next season’s release date, keep this one in your pocket: as it will tell you when does hockey season start for next year.

Hockey Season – Interesting Facts

Hockey season poster with hockey player picture on it

If you want to know a few interesting facts, within the hockey season schedule, there are over 1,300 games (1,312 to be exact) and that comprises of 82 games for each team.  The season ends on Friday April 29th, and thirty of the 32 teams in the National Hockey League will get onto the ice.

The Beijing Winter Olympics and American Ice Hockey

2021-2022 hockey gloves, stick and ball on the ice.

As far as the Beijing Winter Olympics, there is no decision taken to date on the participation of players from the National Hockey League and talks are still I progress.  If there is a suitable agreement reached with the International Ice Hockey Federation and the NHL Players’ Association along with COVID-19 insurance for the NHL players, then there is every chance that American Ice Hockey players will get on the plane to participate.  Let’s hope so – as it extends the season for hockey nicely!  Meanwhile, should the hockey teams go to Beijing, there will be a pause in the league for two weeks from February 7th to February 22nd in order to facilitate American NHL players at the Olympics. Of course, the team may not participate, certainly if the COVID-19 situation worsens (but it looks like it’s improving).

Two ice hockey players are playing in the Beijing 2022 with yellow and blue cloths

Should the team participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, then the NHL play will resume on February 23rd and the season will complete as normal.  We hope this gives you the information you wanted on when will the hockey season begin and that you get to see all of your favorite players in action!


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