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Find Out How to Play ESPN Fantasy Hockey

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two hockey players in the game drafting.

If you love hockey and you follow the leagues with interest, then you might enjoy playing ESPN Fantasy Hockey.  It’s a fantasy league where you choose your players and you have your own team, which competes against other “teams” in the league for prime position.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s great to get involved with friends, family, and people you don’t know too and compete for that coveted number one spot!  If you’re a newbie to ESPN Fantasy Hockey, we’ll give you a brief guide on how to get started and to play this fun fantasy sport.  Beware though – it is addictive!

Steps to Play ESPN Fantasy Hockey

fantasy hockey logo with two sticks and two stars

First things first, the ESPN Fantasy Hockey game is a little different to other fantasy sports’ games that you might have played.  Here’s how it works:

Sign Up

First, you have to sign up and you can either create your own league or join a public league.  Check out the locations if you want to join a public league, especially if you’d rather join one in your area: https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/welcome?addata=fhl_2022_fantasy_home_nav.  Now, of course, the league you sign up to may or may not be successful!  If you’re competitive, then make sure you join an ESPN Fantasy Hockey league that will give that thrill.  You’ll be more engaged with a league that excites you than one that you find boring to follow.  Plus, it’s good fun to chat to others who share your enthusiasm for the game online, it’s encouraged too.  However, some people simply prefer to have their own league, whether it’s with friends, family, or workmates because then you can chat about the league whenever you want, and it does enhance your enjoyment.  You could also join a public league and a friend’s league or set up your own – do them all!  It only increases the fun!

fantasy hockey logo in sign up back ground with skates and sticks


If you set up your league, there’s a draft date given to you and before that date you need to do some research and ranking.  If you’re playing in the standard ESPN Fantasy Hockey League, you don’t need to remember every single player and their achievements but it’s good to have some knowledge and check-in with the league you’re competing in regularly.  Follow training camp too – as much as possible before your draft.  Assembling the best possible hockey team at the draft stage will help you to win that coveted title at the end of the season!  It’s worth mentioning that goal scorers are always better than playmakers.   Always rank up a couple of the top defensemen and remember that plus/minus is a mercurial category.  It can change.  Look for teams with consistent track records in their category.

number 8 fantasy rocky player in the match with red shirt

The Drafting Stage

You’ve got your ESPN Fantasy Hockey League all set up and you’ve completed the ranking stage.  Be ready for drafting day and decide the type of draft you want, it could be a snake draft, an auction draft, a straight draft or other.  Keep a useful cheat sheet and have some fallback sleepers if you’re pressed for time.

two hockey players in the game drafting.

The Line-Up Stage

Now you need to manage your team and there will be times when players get injured, you may be demoted, and you might have to make some changes.  Look for breakout performances by reading the ESPN Fantasy Hockey Player Rater.  Sort out the Player Rater by scoring periods to highlight which players have been performing well.

fantasy home screen edit lineup with three skaters photo

So there you have it, the pure basics on setting up or joining a league on ESPN Fantasy Ice Hockey.  For more information on the leagues and to get to grips with this exciting fantasy sports’ game, click here and download the APP to keep an eye on your leagues, teams, and players on the go: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/espn-fantasy-sports-more/id555376968.

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